Success Story: Recoveries Corporation

Top Priority Performance

Recoveriescorp is a debt recovery and receivables management organisation, leading the way in innovative and tailored end-to-end solutions for clients.

With more than 280 staff in Australia, Recoveriescorp specialises in debt recovery and insurance recoveries with key expertise in local and federal government, insurance, banking and finance, telecommunications and utilities.

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The Challenge

With offices across Melbourne and Sydney, the business operates in an environment of constant high growth and high demand. With its utilisation expanding daily, Recoveriescorp’s IT infrastructure was struggling to perform. An additional challenge was that Recoveriescorp was planning to provision a new office in Fiji and had a requirement to deliver desktop and application services to this site from its Melbourne offices. Recoveries had historically been using VMware View as its desktop virtualisation platform but found that after persisting with it for over 18 months it was not meeting end-user expectations.

Recoveriescorp was also having performance issues with its 2003 Microsoft Exchange installation and VMware environment, and these were affecting end-user productivity. Ageing hardware and management complexity compounded the problems. Chief Technology Officer Jeff Sussman knew that Recoveriescorp required a comprehensive upgrade across its Exchange, virtual desktop and DR services. Backup and disaster recovery (DR) were both problematic, with the Melbourne DR solution behaving unreliably and no DR solution in place in Sydney.

“From a risk management perspective it was vital that we addressed issues with our mail system,” he said. “We needed a level of redundancy and automatic failover that respected the importance of our clients’ information.  Disaster recovery competency was also a huge driver.”

With only a three-week window for the upgrade, Recoveriescorp wanted to engage with specialists with a strong track record of similar deployments. Cloud Solutions Group (CSG) was brought in to ensure that the upgrade went smoothly and did not disrupt business.

The Solution

CSG migrated Recoveries from VMware View to a Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp environment. In conjunction with this CSG also updated Recoveriescorp’s Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server to a highly available Exchange 2010 architecture.

The migration and upgrade were carried out across Recoveries Corporation’s two locations without disruption.

“Cloud Solutions Group’s flexible methodology drove the seamless delivery of this part of our IT systems upgrade,” Sussman says. “Going forward, we look forward to working with CSG on other elements of our planned infrastructure upgrade including bringing our Fiji office online.”

The Future

As part of its long term IT strategy, Recoveriescorp continues to work with Cloud Solutions Group with an organisation-wide rollout of Citrix, and ongoing support and advice on security solutions.

Key Benefits 

  • Provided secure remote access for remote and overseas users
  • Delivered data security and performance improvements with desktop and application virtualisation
  • Ensured ease of management and disaster recovery
  • Decreased hardware and power costs by introducing thin clients
  • Reduced ongoing costs from multiple sites and data centre
  • Implemented a reliable DR solution
  • Standardised sites on Exchange 2010
  • Improved redundancy and automatic failover
  • Recorded no unplanned downtime since installation

Technology Used

  • Citrix Access gateways
  • Citrix XenDesktop 5.6
  • Microsoft Active Directory 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Wyse thin clients

Solution Areas

  • Authentication
  • Desktop and Application Virtualisation
  • Messaging and Collaboration
  • Mobility and BYO Device
  • Secure Remote Access