Platform as a Service

If you’re an organisation looking to develop your products to run under multiple environments, you can either set up extensive in-house infrastructure on which to establish each operating environment for testing, or you can simply use an environment provided by a Platform as a Service (PaaS) vendor. This offers you:

  • Cost efficiencies in reduced on-premise equipment investment and administration time
  • Faster time to access the platform – no need to wait for your internal IT staff to set it up and test it
  • Fast put up and tear down where you need to test on multiple environments
  • Speed in adopting new environments as new operating systems or significant upgrades are released – your PaaS will make new environments available in short timeframes
  • Quality assurance and the peace of mind that you have a stable installation of each environment available on demand

Platforms are typically provided as virtual environments but may be provided as a physical environment if that is required.