Test and Development

Whether you’re developing customised software, or planning a rollout of a new set of applications or a new SOE, there are times that you need one or more test and development environments.

Traditionally, you would invest in the hardware required to set up each environment and manage the process of creating the environments you needed. That demanded in-house resources to manage the cycle of establishing the environment, using it, then re-instating the ‘clean’ environment for the next round of testing. At the conclusion of your project, you were left with hardware that was potentially surplus to requirements.

With Cloud Solutions Groups’ test and development services, you can self-provision the environments you need in the cloud for use as required. No matter how many environments you need, you simply list each environment’s technical specifications and Cloud Solutions Group’s technical personnel set up a catalogue of prebuilt templates and deployments that can be accessed on demand.

Test and Development is a fantastic use case for public cloud as they are environments that have a short shelf life. The pay per use nature of public cloud services makes this an ideal solution to overutilised on premise hardware.

The environments are available until your project is complete, after which they are archived according to your requirements and then decommissioned.