Cloud Backup and Archive

The relatively low cost of storage devices, combined with higher utilisation rates from smarter management, means that backup in the cloud – whether as the basis of a business continuity/disaster recovery strategy, or to meet archiving requirements, is highly affordable.

Your Cloud Solutions Group technical expert will work with you to understand your operational and perhaps legislative requirements for archival – what is to be archived, how long it must be stored, what events will require you to access the archived data – and propose a solution for you.

Likewise with backup – after gaining an understanding of the data to be backed up, the frequency of backups and the expected volumes of data – we can advise you on a cloud-based offering and processes for automating your backup.

When you use Cloud Solutions Group’s backup and archiving offerings, you are guaranteed:

  • Secure data transfer and storage
  • Streamlined processes, automated where appropriate, for backing up and archiving data
  • Cost-effective provision of servers and storage, removing the need for capital investment and operational management.

Offsite backup and archival services can also form the basis of a responsive and cost-effective business continuity (disaster recovery) solution.


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