Infrastructure as a Service

In the past, it has been very challenging for organisations to scale their data service and storage requirements in a practical and budget-conscious way. Dynamic scaling, desktop virtualisation, and utility computing all take their toll on system administrators and business budgets.

With the arrival of cost effective, and high-bandwidth  Internet connectivity solutions available to businesses today , as well as all-you-can-eat cloud-based infrastructure offerings, it is now possible to scale network, server and storage capacity at will, through a pay-per-use policy.

It is not uncommon for organisations to require ad-hoc infrastructure resources, whether they are growing rapidly, needing a new test environment , require updated archival measures, moving premises, or simply contemplating outsourcing. The ability to access these network, data and server resources, exactly when required, is critical for business survival.

Through their vast partner network, the experts at Cloud Solutions Group are the only vendor neutral consultancy organisation that can provide the right solution for your business, saving you valuable time in the process. Cloud Solutions Group can help you develop your strategy and assist you in implementing and managing it. We will also keep you abreast with developments and new technologies to help you stay focussed and ensure your cloud strategy continues to evolve to serve your changing business objectives.

Say good-bye to budget-breaking on-premise infrastructure , stressful decision making, and never-ending procurement cycles. Enjoy the ubiquity and flexibility of secure, standardised infrastructure on demand . Contact us today for a complimentary infrastructure and cloud consultation to find out more.