Public Cloud

Your business is starting to outgrow the features or performance of some of your in-house server business applications.

Perhaps your workforce is becoming more geographically dispersed and to increase remote access to your on-premise equipment is becoming too expensive.

How can you add additional servers, storage and capacity flexibly without committing to expensive on-premise hardware?

Public cloud services can offer more power and flexibility, without needing expensive and time-consuming implementations. When the time comes to upgrade your existing business infrastructure or applications such as Email, DMS, CRM, HR applications and other tools, moving to public cloud services can make sense.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • IT is perceived as a roadblock in the business
  • Your business is growing faster than your IT systems can keep up with
  • Pressure from the business to reduce Capital Expenditure
  • Your organisation wants to escape constant hardware and software upgrade cycles and focus on core competencies
  • A requirement to align It costs with utilisation
  • Want to support and automate business processes without new infrastructure costs
  • Need cheaper ways to increase IT availability and reliability


Cloud Solutions Group provides vendor-neutral advice and implementation to help you:

  • Assess your organisations suitability for cloud architectures and develop a roadmap for your IT systems
  • Reduce the risks associated with cloud migration
  • Select the right cloud solutions to suit your needs
  • Migrate infrastructure and applications to cloud solutions
  • Integrate targeted public cloud systems with your on-premise IT systems
  • Access new capabilities without disrupting business
  • Increase mobility, automation, availability and security
  • Gradually move from managing complex technologies to agility in the cloud
  • Improve IT resource allocation with on-demand services


Success Stories

>> Terra Firma transforms IT infrastructure to provide flexible and scalable environment solving BYOD, security and DR challenges