Cloud Mobility – BYOD

It’s common today for employees and contractors to bring their own devices, and indeed some organisations are making ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) a formal part of IT strategy.

Employees and contractors are also increasingly mobile, and working from different locations drives demand for them to be able to access business systems from multiple offices and other locations.

Supporting mobility and BYOD can offer significant overheads for IT staff, struggling to add phones, iPads, laptop computers and other devices to wired and wireless networks in multiple offices, and – more critically – removing their access when it is no longer required.

Security management is a major concern in supporting mobile workers and those bringing their own devices. How do you enforce virus protection before allowing devices to access your network and business systems? How do you protect confidential data from being saved to these other devices and potentially shared inappropriately?

The foundation of solving these issues is a comprehensive IT security policy. This must be put in place and endorsed at the highest organisational levels, and then its supporting business and technical processes can be developed and deployed.

Cloud Solutions Group can work with you to understand the risks and opportunities in this space, and to help you set strategic policy and enforce it in daily operations. The solution typically involves implementation of a private cloud, and we’ll help you understand the technologies and benefits of private clouds in this and other areas of your business.