The benefits of server virtualisation are now widely understood, but if it’s some time since you started your virtualisation journey, it might be time to revisit your strategy. If you commenced virtualising some servers a few years ago, you should revisit your implementation and goals now, to ensure you are still deriving maximum benefits. Virtualisation technologies have developed over the past few years, so it’s also likely that you can benefit from simpler management and improved performance by upgrading your virtual infrastructure.

If you have already taken the step to virtualise your desktops, a review in conjunction with your servers is in order. If you’ve not yet virtualised desktops, let’s talk about the benefits for your organisation. It can improve service and accessibility for users and reduce overall desktop management costs as well. Utilising our Desktop Transformation methodology, our technical consultants can discuss your options and help you build a business case.

Virtualising storage provides similar benefits to those of virtualising servers – higher utilisation rates, better performance and easier management. Virtualised storage solutions can be implemented on your on-premise equipment, or in the cloud (for example as part of a disaster recovery or archival strategy).