Virtualisation Services


Virtual Servers

The concept of a virtual server has not changed, but the technologies that underpin server virtualisation may have advanced significantly since you first implemented server virtualisation. If you’ve been operating with the same solution for a year or more, discuss a review with your Cloud Solutions Group technical consultant, who will give you an update on the latest technologies in terms of functionality, cost, performance and management. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ certainly applies here, but it can pay to keep current in order to ensure the performance of your servers.


Virtual Desktops

Desktop virtualisation delivers access to your users’ desktop environment from anywhere. For today’s mobile workforce, that offers improved user satisfaction, eliminating the frustration of moving between offices or working ‘on the road’.

A virtual desktop is even beneficial for laptop users, simplifying backup and restore in the event of a disaster.

Virtual desktop performance needs careful management, both to guarantee performance for users and to deliver the full range of enterprise benefits (simplified archiving of data from computers that aren’t always connected to the network; reduced risk of downtime and data loss in the event of hardware failure, theft or loss; simplified standard operating environment (SOE) management) but the benefits are available today with the right technology selection and careful configuration.

Talk to Cloud Solutions Group about the projects we’ve implemented before, how they’ve performed for clients and end-users and the lessons we’ve learned along the way. With our experience, we can determine the full set of requirements you need to support your users, help you select the right technologies, implement your solution and advise on the business processes you should institute to ensure you gain the benefits you expect.


Virtual Storage and Applications

You’ll already have a solid understanding of the benefits of virtualising storage and applications, but what you may not have is a solid grasp of the technical requirements, the best technologies and a roadmap to implementation in your specific environment.

Remember that different storage vendors offer different technologies to implement virtualised storage – virtualisation can occur on the server, on the SAN or the storage array itself. The ‘right’ solution depends on your specific requirements for management and performance.

That’s where your Cloud Solutions Group technical consultant can help. By developing an understanding of where you are now, what your business and other objectives for your IT environment are, what constraints there are in terms of budget, personnel power and other scheduled projects, your consultant can map out a practical, achievable transition to virtualisation in your environment.

Whether you implement the solution yourself or have us complete it for you, you will have peace of mind that your transition will be managed, meaning there will be no surprises during or after your virtualisation project.