Transitioning to Cloud

The IDC: APEJ Cloud End-User Survey 2011 indicated that many organisations are planning to migrate data, infrastructure and applications to the cloud in the next six to 24 months. However many are also confused by the huge number of alternative offerings available and how best to define, architect and migrate appropriate parts of their systems to the public cloud.

Common concerns include:

  • vendor selection
  • performance
  • network & infrastructure requirements
  • data security & privacy
  • location
  • backup and disaster recovery of data and services in the cloud
  • integration with on-premise applications and infrastructure
  • vendor lock-in
  • solution architecture and contract terms.

Transition is also a major concern for many organisations. Introducing cloud to your organisation is not ‘rip and replace’. Rather, it’s a planned and staged approach, moving applications or services to the cloud only when it makes business sense to do so and when the migration can be managed without disruption to day-to-day operations. Cloud Solutions Group takes organisations from virtualisation to cloud based environments – with solutions that can be viewed and managed as an extension of your internal computing platform.

Using Cloud Solutions Group to plan your transition to the cloud ensures that the risks associated with cloud adoption are removed where possible, and otherwise minimised. We provide independent advice because we work impartially with a range of vendors, and you benefit from our experience and track record in helping other organisations transition to the cloud.

We help you not only work out what to move to the cloud today, but what your future requirements might be. This allows you to establish a cloud strategy, rather than completing a series of one-off projects. As your cloud adviser and integrator, we can recommend a combination of public, private and hybrid cloud configurations, delivering intelligent IT solutions that address your business needs cost effectively without compromising performance or security.

Our capabilities:

  • Independent advisory services including cloud strategy and roadmaps
  • Vendor selection based on budgets and stated requirements for data location, security and compliance
  • Solution Architecture and network design
  • Migration of services to the cloud
  • Integration with on premise applications and infrastructure
  • Cloud brokerage services
  • Managed cloud