Storage tends to get cheaper over time and when combined with the range of smarter storage devices on the market, your storage options are now varied and economical.

This variety can present a challenge when it comes to selecting a solution. How do you ensure you choose a solution that meets your needs now and offers flexibility and scalability to grow in line with your evolving IT infrastructure?

Cloud Solutions Group’s technical experts keep abreast of current technologies, performance and prices – the critical factors you need to consider when selecting a storage solution. Being vendor-neutral, you can rely on us for independent advice and a straightforward discussion about the pros and cons of different options.

We will work with you in the context of your ongoing IT strategic plan and your planned journey to the cloud, to ensure that you get best value from any on-premise storage you purchase in the short term and to ensure you have the most effective storage options in place for backup, disaster recovery and archive requirements.

Our services are flexible to meet your needs, covering any or all of:

  • Provision of technical information and advice about possible solutions for your needs
  • Assessment of you current data profile including growth rates and as well as evaluating opportunities for data archiving and deduplication
  • Design of a storage solution
  • Implementation of your preferred storage solution
  • Training of your IT staff in maintaining and monitoring the new storage solution
  • Ongoing operational support.

Storage virtualisation

Depending on where you are in your transition of elements of your IT infrastructure to the cloud, the right solution for you might be virtualised storage.

The advent of smarter servers and specialised networked storage devices (SANs) has decoupled servers and physical storage. The right virtualised storage solution delivers more efficient storage use by balancing the volumes of data stored across available disks. > Read more.