The network has evolved beyond what you have installed in your buildings and now extends beyond your walls to embrace servers and systems in other locations. Part of your journey to the cloud is the evolution of your network infrastructure, ensuring that you get best value from your network investments. This involves an analysis of your WAN, including your incoming and outgoing bandwidth use and capacity.

Network management might also involve traffic shaping, for example to set aside sufficient bandwidth to guarantee performance of VoIP services. By understanding the demands on your network and the priorities of different applications, we can effectively allocate network bandwidth to support your business requirements.

We can design, implement and upgrade your network, to support current and future plans for your business. This will take into account current and predicted demands, budgets, extensibility and manageability. An essential part of your network management is security. We can work with you to perform a security audit to understand your current vulnerabilities, and work with you on a plan to address them.

Technical experts from Cloud Solutions Group can work with you to help you understand the effects on your network of various decisions about your on- and off-premise equipment, and work with your IT staff as required to up skill them to support your evolving network.

IT resiliency is also increasingly important, and we can discuss the alternatives for network redundancy and other business continuity measures with you and develop a Business Continuity Plan for your organisation.

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