Network Services

WAN Optimisation

For users accessing applications in the cloud is seamless and shouldn’t offer any perceivable difference to accessing an application on the corporate LAN or WAN. The biggest potential issue for users is performance – which is affected by distance and the available bandwidth. Traditionally WAN optimisation has used hardware devices, but the advent of virtualisation has allowed their functionality to be reimplemented as software.

Software-based WAN optimisation solutions are perfect for deploying in the cloud – and they improve performance by compressing data for transfer and by reducing the volume of data transferred by monitoring software applications and transferring only the application and status data required at the end-user’s location.

Talk to your Cloud Solutions Group technical consultant to understand what elements of your cloud-deployed software and infrastructure are candidates for WAN optimisation.


Anyone who’s ever been frustrated by a ‘choppy’ Skype call will understand that VoIP solutions must be managed to deliver real-time data transfer that mimics the performance of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This typically requires that you:

  • Have enough bandwidth to support VoIP and other cloud-based services
  • Allocate reserved bandwidth for voice traffic
  • Strategically select the location of your servers in the cloud to minimise latency.

Your Cloud Solutions Group technical consultant will walk you through the factors that affect VoIP performance, and recommend an appropriate solution to provide high quality VoIP services.


One of the most common and valid concerns associated with migrating data and services to the Public cloud is the security and privacy challenges resultant of multitenant cloud environments. Work with the Cloud Solutions Group Solutions Architects to ensure that your cloud solution and cloud vendor is secure and that your most important asset (your data) is safe.

It’s also undeniable that the pace of change in IT infrastructure increases your security risk. If you don’t carefully consider the security implications of each change, and rigorously protect against identified vulnerabilities, you leave sensitive corporate data and your critical IT infrastructure at risk.

It’s also critical that you periodically have your IT infrastructure audited for security risks, as the rapidly changing environment can expose you to data theft or security exploits.

Our specialist security consultants can explain the ways in which you need to secure your current infrastructure, and recommend appropriate technologies to do so. As your infrastructure changes, we can advise on the changing risk profile and mitigation strategies, ensuring your security never lags behind your evolving infrastructure.

We can also perform independent security audits once off or on a regular schedule, delivering you peace of mind.