Microsoft software such as Exchange, Active Directory, Systems Centre and the Office suite of applications underpin so many aspects of your day-to-day business that they are now business critical – if email, directory services or calendaring applications fail, you suffer an immediate productivity hit. We can help you minimise the risk of downtime on these critical systems, and also help you to ensure you are maximising the benefits of these applications within your enterprise.

We can also help you with your desktop software management, and help you migrate to using Office 365 cloud-based applications if the time is right.

While our technical consultants are all vendor-neutral and able to provide independent advice on a range of subjects, we also actively pursue vendor certification and have strong relationships with vendors’ technical teams, ensuring that we are experts in these technologies, their implementation, configuration and ongoing support.


Exchange and Active Directory

Microsoft software such as Exchange and Active Directory now underpin many aspects of your day-to-day business. These products are also now complex to administer – requiring specialist knowledge to configure the software in line with corporate IT policies and business requirements. We can review your Exchange and Active Directory implementations to ensure that they are meeting your needs, and also discuss business continuity/disaster recovery possibilities for the servers on which you run Exchange and Active Directory.


Desktop management

Maintaining your standard operating environment often seems like an ongoing battle. You may have System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) in place but wonder if your desktop management processes are as streamlined and efficient as they could be. If you’d like a review of your current status, or an implementation plan to put strong desktop management processes in place, or even to have your desktop management fully managed by Cloud Solutions Group, we’re happy to help. Our deployment experts can design an appropriate technical solution that meets your requirements, and support you in determining a business case and calculating return on investment.


Office 365

We’re also a Microsoft Cloud Partner in the Office 365 Marketplace, which means we can get you up and running with Office 365.

Office 365 delivers per-user subscription-based access to Microsoft Office and productivity applications on the web. It means your users have secure access to their email and calendars, Office web applications, web conferencing and file sharing from anywhere.

Office 365 also provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based management tools for administering new user accounts, controlling access to features and more. So whether your IT staff manage your Office 365 deployment or we provide ongoing administration and support, it’s easy.