Cloud Storage Services

Backup and archive

Virtualisation has simplified the traditional regime of daily, weekly and monthly backups and their management. With virtual servers and smart replication technologies, you can back up and archive data faster than ever before. Incremental backup and virtual servers mean your operating environment is duplicated almost in real time without time-consuming management by your IT administrators.

Testing can be performed quickly and without interruption to business operations, increasing confidence that data can be recovered fast if the need arises.


SAN technologies

SAN technologies improve storage efficiency and simplify management, providing a single interface into what could be an array of storage devices behind the scenes. The SAN decouples the server performing the I/O and the storage controllers providing the storage capacity, allowing data to be effectively stored across storage arrays for greater efficiency and faster access.

The virtualised SAN performs the same function, ensuring that storage is managed simply and to maximum effect in your virtual environment. It delivers lower total cost of ownership (by improving the utilisation of your existing storage, meaning you can buy less) and reduces risk by offering fast data replication for your data backup and archive.


Disaster Recovery

Virtualisation has simplified disaster recovery strategies and dramatically sped up the time required to recover your operating environment if disaster strikes. With a virtual server that mirrors your operating environment, and smart storage solutions that quickly and frequently replicate your data to your backup server, recovering from disaster can be as simple as bringing a virtual server online.

Cloud Solutions Group technical consultants will explain the factors that govern disaster recovery – location of stored data, frequency of backup and archive and the processes required to switch over to your alternate environment if required.