Hybrid Cloud Models & ITaaS

Your business wants the advantages of scalability and cost-effectiveness of public cloud solutions but you need to retain secure in-house IT infrastructure for mission-critical applications.

You have existing IT investments that you simply want to extend or enhance, not replace. You live in the real world where the cloud is an extension of your organisation, not an instant replacement.

How do you decide what to keep on-premise and what to place in the cloud? How do you integrate your cloud infrastructure from different suppliers with your on-premise resources? Hybrid cloud solutions reflect the practical realities of business in many organisations.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Much more interested in maximum value at minimum cost than the latest cloud fashion
  • Want to combine the best of existing IT investments with the best of the cloud
  • Looking to maximise automation and minimise maintenance requirements
  • Need interoperability between private and public cloud services across your business
  • Want to keep sensitive data local but access powerful analytical processing in the cloud
  • A desire to transform IT services to provide self-service on-demand options for users


Cloud Solutions Group provides vendor-neutral advice and implementation to help you:

  • Integrate multiple cloud services and on premise resources into an integrated hybrid solution
  • Focus on the provision of business services instead of the underlying technology
  • Enable business users to select what they need, with automatic provisioning and deploy on the most cost effective location in both Private and Public clouds
  • Shift IT from infrastructure management to instead act as a service broker
  • Provide agreed functionality and service levels, not agreed infrastructure
  • Recover IT costs based on services used, not infrastructure deployed


Success Stories

>> Terra Firma transforms IT infrastructure to provide flexible and scalable environment solving BYOD, security and DR challenges