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Effective Data Management: Separating the Adequate from the Best in the Cloud

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We know this much: with connecting to the cloud being such an emerging industry, clients at both a consumer and an enterprise level are flooded with options in the cloud space, in the same way some IT managers are being flooded with growing data.

What ‘Cloud Sprawl’ means and how you can avoid it completely

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A talking point that often comes up when I discuss cloud computing with peers and clients is security. It’d be remiss, of course, not to wonder about the security of a server that is completely remote. I believe every astute manager should be asking this question.

Private or Public? How will you connect to the Cloud?

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When Cloud Solutions Group works with a business or organisation, and the decision to connect to the Cloud is made, one of the first discussions we have  is choosing either a private or public cloud, or combination of both. As always the choice is usually determined by a number of factors, with your needs  at […]