Nimble Storage Innovates with New Adaptive Flash Array Solutions

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Performance or capacity? Enterprises have often needed to choose between high performance or high capacity storage solutions. Historically, one key performance indicator was usually chosen at the expense of the other. Applications having high performance requirements typically meant choosing all-flash arrays, whereas high capacity requirements with performance being less of a priority saw hybrid arrays as the right option.

The latest product unveiling from Nimble Storage seeks to remedy this age-old challenge. Nimble Storage recently announced it has extended its range of Adaptive Flash Arrays, introducing its CS300 and CS500 lines to the CS-Series Array families. These new arrays can deliver 50 % more performance than both the CS200 and CS400 families that they are superseding.

The basis of Nimble’s CS Series systems revolves around solid state Flash technology ( SSD ) with spinning disks as the backing protective store. Importantly, all data is accessed via SSD. That is, there is no direct data access to the spinning disks, as can be seen in other storage solutions where SSDs are primarily tiered to core spinning disk array. This allows enterprises the ability to scale capacity and performance independently.

Like their flagship, the CS700 Series, the CS300 and CS500 families leverage Nimble’s Adaptive Flash platform which is based on the company’s patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture, and Infosight, the company’s cloud-based analytics and modelling system. Due to CASL’s unique file system architecture, write performance to HDD and to Flash is optimised. Direct benefits include provision of seamless automated resource allocation, through separate and independent capacity and performance scaling.
Nimble’s Infosight provides the operational intelligence that allows the Adaptive Flash Arrays to self-optimise. Not only supporting predictive health in maintenance mode, but also providing what Nimble calls “scale-to-fit” optimisation of both performance and capacity as the application workload dictates.

What does this mean at a practical level? Well, the addition of Nimble’s CS300 and CS500 Adaptive Flash solutions means that a much wider range of application workloads can be catered for. From performance demanding applications like OLTP and database integration to Microsoft Exchange, Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI), Sharepoint, and server virtualization. These solutions are equally relevant in the small to midsized enterprise as they are for distributed environments found in larger enterprises and further enhance the flexibility of Nimble’s solutions.

CRN, the premier online news source for IT solution providers, recently recognised Nimble Storage as one of the hottest emerging technology companies in 2014. Awarded as one of 2014′s Emerging Vendors, further celebrates Nimble as an innovative technology partner.

Josh Rubens, Director of Cloud Solutions Group explains,  “We see the ability to rapidly and seamlessly scale performance and capacity, while reducing the typically high costs of storage acquisition and management, and minimising storage and environmental footprints, as important considerations for a storage solution. ”

Cloud Solutions Group is a strategic partner of Nimble Storage and has successfully deployed Nimble solutions to many of our customers including, Grant Thornton, Recoveriescorp , Servier Laboratories, Monash IVF and Pental, to mention a few.

Cloud Solutions Group is proud to have won the Nimble Partner of the Year Award 2014, after having won the inaugural award in 2013.

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