Four ways small(er) businesses level the playing field with Cloud Computing

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If you are managing the IT function at a smaller company, you’ve already got a lot of challenges.  Like two out of three Australian businesses, you may not have a website. You’re competing not just with local business, but businesses around the world. The cost of IT infrastructure and software means you can’t provide the same services as larger, more resourced companies.

But you can. You can with the Cloud.

1) Cloud computing cuts your costs

For a smaller business connecting to the cloud is ideal. Immediately your expenditure on hardware and software is greatly reduced. If you access a hosted service online, you no longer need to worry about software upgrades or the latest patch or service pack, it is all taken care of, in most cases, in a simple monthly fee. Cloud computing also means you can access many applications that are generally cost prohibitive in a smaller environment. This means you can give your customers more.

2) You can find the people you need

Finding and managing people in a smaller business can be one of the most challenging and costly aspects of providing goods and services. Many small businesses can operate like a large business by placing their IT function in the cloud. Accessing your company IT resources remotely means you can hire people in New Zealand, Singapore or wherever the best person for the job is located.  Managing them remotely is infinitely easier with a shared workspace, and you can operate like a multinational with a fraction of the cost.

2) You can collaborate

Businesses we’ve worked with, like wholesalers and in the building industry, have already realised how they can work better with partners by connecting to the cloud. Being able to gain access on remote sites, or building solutions that enable other businesses to work in your space is ideal for organisations that work with clients across locations on collaborative projects.  It saves time, money and sweat.

4) You can pick a solution that fits you.

With Cloud Solutions Group, you’ve also got flexibility. Whatever Cloud Service you need, from entry level services like data storage and website and application hosting, through to more tailor made and complex applications for managing sales, your finances and other core tasks, we can build a solution that fits you.

Our approach is customer focussed; we talk to you and find out how we can work together, and our relationship with vendors means we find the right fit for your company’s needs today and into the future.

If you think these sound like good reasons to switch to cloud hosting we’d love to talk to you. Don’t hesitate in calling us on 03 9863 7785. I look forward to hearing how you’d like to start benefitting from working in the cloud.